Who Sows?

Babies. College Students.
Birthday boys and girls.


I Sow for my college fund.

Sow helps those who love you to invest in what really matters for your child: college savings, future dreams.

Lelia Violet (14 months)

Leila sows to raise money for the Bed-Stuy Volunteer Ambulance Corps, a non-profit that provides emergency medical care to the neighborhood's neediest.

Leila's family believes it's important to have a broad knowledge of the world, so she also sows for a trip to France.

And topping her wish list is a violin and a bow of her very own so her mom can give her lessons!

I Sow on my birthday.

Sow helps birthdays become celebrations of goals instead of goods, goods, and more goods.

EDWARD (9 years old)

Edward sows for sports. His favorites are football, baseball and basketball… in that order.

Edward wants to attend a football camp this summer, and would love to get tickets to watch the Yankees play in Yankee Stadium.

The cause that Edward sows for is the Boys & Girls Club of America, because he believes that all kids should be able to play sports after school.

I Sow at my University.

As a student, you can sow projects that help you or others to launch their dreams.

As an alum, you can contribute to a current student both doing good and being great.


Luke is passionate about making digital games, but when asked, can never think of gifts that would help support this passion. When his best gift ideas spring up, he has no place to record them for later. Sow gives him a way to remember and easily communicate what he needs.

Luke sows for organizations that teach kids how to code and for music software for his games.

I Sow for my kids.

As a parent, you can help your kids to realize the value of saving, sharing, and spending on goals that will make a difference…at birth and beyond.

greg (42 years old)

Greg and his wife Samantha live in NYC and are excited that Sow enables holidays in their household to be less about presents and more about fostering experiences, goals, and interests for their kids. Greg also likes not having to figure out a re-gifting strategy for 12 gifts on each of his kids' birthdays.

With Sow, Greg's kids direct gift-giving towards fewer gifts that are important to them, and simultaneously select causes that they care about and future goals to save towards.

Greg's daughter, Reed, 10, loves animals and is sowing for the ASPCA.

Greg's son, Clive, 6, loves the water and is sowing for a surf board.