step 1 Step 1:

Create your profile

  • Over 13? Create a profile for yourself. Got a kid? Create one for yourself and add your kid.

  • Create an iSow profile and share your goals on birthdays, holidays and every day.

  • If you’re a parent, add your kid and help them get support for goals that matter.

  • If you’re a student, tell us what school you attend so alumni can support your goals.

step 1
step 2 Step 2:

Decide what you
want to Sow

  • Sow lets you plant seeds (create goals) in 3 categories:

  • saving


    (for your future)



    (sharing with others)



    (spending with purpose)

  • You can add one goal or many, across as many categories as you choose

  • Can’t think of a Cause? Don’t worry... Sow will give you suggestions based on what you care most about.

step 2
step 3 Step 3:

Share your personalized link

  • Use your personalized link to invite people to view your iSow page!

step 3
step 4 Step 4:

Get gifts that help you fund your goals

  • Make your birthday, holidays, or any day meaningful.

  • Get donations from friends, family, alumni, church members, and supporters near and far.

  • Remember: You reap what you Sow. If you have goals that benefit both yourself and others, people will feel great about supporting you!

step 4